One lucky winner will get to learn from professionals at the company's Boston brewery.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated July 06, 2017
Sam Adams homebrew contest

Good news for amateur homebrewers who are passionate about beer but need a little guidance: The Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Contest, which has been taking place for 21 years, will offer a new perk to the winner of the contest: the chance to become a professional brewer.

This year, Sam Adams will reward the brewer with the most potential the chance to work with the company's brewing team. The crash course in professional beer brewing – called a “Brewership” – will give the winner a chance to work in the nano brewery, 10 barrel brewhouse and barrel room, and give him or her an insider’s view on “running a brewery, ingredient sourcing, quality assurance testing, and packaging,” according to a statement from the company.

The Brewership also includes the opportunity to release a collaboration with Sam Adams, to be made available at their Boston brewery and in the winner’s hometown. Additionally, the winner and two runners-up will attend the Great American Beer Festival and receive a scholarship at the Seibel Institute of Technology, where they can continue their beer brewing education.

"The craft beer revolution that we're seeing today exists in part because of homebrewers who quit their desk job, like I did 33 years ago, to pursue their passion for brewing," said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams. “We updated our successful LongShot contest to not only recognize top homebrewing talent, but also to support the growth of the craft beer industry."

Koch says the contest will hopefully help the next generation of craft beer brewers who “need the extra support,” get their dreams off the ground.

Sam Adams has a long history of supporting craft brewers trying start their own successful businesses: They’ve donated loans totaling more than $1 million across 40 craft brewers and 1,200 small businesses through the Brewing the American Dream program. That program also offers an exclusive apprenticeship called the “Brewing and Business Experienceship,” to one brewer per year since 2012.

If you’re an aspiring beer brewer, here’s how to enter the contest: Homebrewers should create a two-minute video explaining why they love to brew beer and want to turn their hobby into a career, uploading the result to Sam Adams' website. Ten finalists will be picked by a panel of judges, at which point they will be required to send a sample of their homebrew to the panel.

With the chance to work at the famous Boston brewery, Sam Adams may actually be giving a future competitor a boost. But if that means that there will be more, and better, beer in the world, it seems like they believe it's worth it.