By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 28, 2018
© Samsung

What are you looking for in a refrigerator? If you said, “Keep my food cold,” I’d respond, “What is this? 2015?” In advance of this week’s Consumer Electronics Show 2016, Samsung unveiled their latest and greatest “smart fridge” that comes loaded with a bunch of futuristic features.

First off, throw out your home entertainment system: Your refrigerator can handle that now. The “Family Hub,” as the appliance is called, has a built in 21.5-inch, 1080p display with speakers. Granted, the display is oriented vertically, but that’s perfect for your mom: She shoots all her smartphone videos vertically anyway.

Even more impressive is what the Family Hub has on the inside: a camera that watches over your food, resulting in semi-practical features like helping with grocery lists and monitoring which foods are going to expire—info that the fridge will happily share with your smartphone. According to Engadget, the fridge can even tell you what you need to buy or simply do the shopping for you, placing orders online (at least in Korea, where the fridge will initially launch).

And beyond just upping the ante in your kitchen, this crazy fridge can even become the hub of your entire home, turning on your lights or other connected devices. Plus, you can put your beers in it. I’d like to see a light switch handle that!

Samsung has yet to provide release dates or a price on these elaborate new fridges. But I’m sure once the fridge knows, it’ll send that information to you via your smartphone.