Episode one is all about beans.
samin nosrat podcast
Credit: Smeeta Mahanti

After first announcing the news on March 13, Samin Nosrat's new podcast, "Home Cooking," is finally here. The project is a joint-venture between Nosrat and friend Hrishikesh Hirway, a musician and podcaster, and it's meant to be a helpful resource for those staying home during the coronavirus pandemic and wondering what to cook.

"Announcing HOME COOKING, a little podcast I'm making with @hrishihirway to help you get through that epic stash of beans," Nosrat wrote in an Instagram post. "Record a quarantine cooking question, story, or anxiety using the voice memo app on your phone and send it to us at alittlehomecooking@gmail.com."

The podcast is divided into four parts, and each episode will "loosely revolve around an ingredient theme," according to the announcement, along with addressing user-submitted questions and anxieties and bringing on celebrity guests.

Episode one, which is already live, is called "Bean There, Done That," and it's all about beans. In it, Nosrat addresses the to soak vs. not soak debate, and actor Josh Malina comes on to talk latkes. If you go to the podcast's website and click on that episode, a list of all the food ideas discussed are included for reference. They're not recipes, but rather, a jumping off point—the spread includes hummus, ribollita, warm lentil salad, Samin's (not) Fancy Dinner, and fried beans and faro. Basic instructions are included so you can create the meal.

If you want to submit a question for the podcast, you can record it via voice memo and send it to alittlehomecooking@gmail.com, or call 201-241-COOK. There's also a resource page on the podcast's website that Nosrat and Hirway will be continually updating, calling out their favorite cookbooks, spice companies (such as Diaspora Co.), and other food brands.

Down the line, you can expect another cookbook from Nosrat following her hit Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. Just over a year ago, she announced What to Cook, which is going to be "beautiful, educational, functional, smart, and most importantly, very, very fun." She'll be continuing her collaboration with illustrator and graphic journalist Wendy MacNaughton to provide illustrations and infographics for the book—stay tuned as more news comes out.