The breweries are taking the sports rivalry to the taproom.
Sam Adams and Brooklyn Brewery
Credit: Courtesy of Sam Adams; Keith Getter/Getty Images

Yankees versus Red Sox is one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports, so when New York and Boston butt heads during the playoffs in October, baseball fans don’t really need much more prodding to get excited about the matchup. But that hasn’t stopped Samuel Adams from keeping another traditional alive: The Boston-based beer brand has once again placed a friendly wager on a big sporting event with a brewery in the opposing city—and this year, it’s NYC’s Brooklyn Brewery.

Sam Adams—which as of this year is the official beer of the Red Sox—has made these kinds of bets before. Most recently, the Boston brewery along with some of its nearby friends issued a challenge to a couple Pennsylvania brewers over the Super Bowl. (How’d that turn out for them?) Hopefully, the city’s baseball team will perform better for Sam Adams or else they’ll once again have to face the consequences: According to Twitter, the agreement is that the “losing city has to post a video on Twitter toasting with the winner’s beer wearing the winning brewery’s hat and rename a beer in their tap room.” Brooklyn definitely has reason to worry a bit: The Red Sox have jumped out to a two to one series lead.

But since these kinds of bets have become commonplace during big sporting events, the real wow factor comes from what’s being wagered. For last year’s World Series, for instance, California Governor Jerry Brown bet a few bottles of California wine if the Dodgers won, and in return, Texas Governor Greg Abbott offered some local barbecue and beer if the Astros were victorious. So no offense to Sam Adams, but it sounds like they could really up the stakes here. The brewery has to have some $200 bottles of Utopia lying around somewhere; meanwhile, Garrett Oliver has a reputation for his secret stash of Brooklyn Brewery beers. Wearing hats is nice, but wouldn’t some world class beer be more worthy of the team hoping to make the World Series?