You've seen him work it for you, and now you can work for him.

Call it #SaltBaeWatch2017. Ambitious food-service professionals can finally learn the absolute best in salting technique from up close, for Salt Bae is now hiring at his upcoming New York City steakhouse. According to a Craigslist post on the "food/beverage/hospitality" section of the site titled "#SaltBae is now hiring for all positions FOH & BOH in NYC," the Nusr-et Steakhouse NYC is " looking for talent burning with desire to flare it up," presumably at the same high level as the Bae himself.

If you can, the post claims, you'll be compensated competitively, as the open positions, which include servers, runners, baristas, bartenders, hosts, grill cooks and, of course, butchers, are full-time and include benefits. Plus, working in proximity to Salt Bae is quite the benefit itself.

Of course, experienced food pros may be wondering, "Sure, Salt Bae has the moves, the flair, and, obviously, the charisma to pull off a viral video or two, but is he really the culinary leader we need right now?" Fair question. So know that before Turkish restauranteur Nusret Gökçe swept the world with his enigmatic salting—and, don't forget, slicing—style and technique, his sunglass-filtered gaze had overseen not one but five steakhouses, and two burger restaurants.

Actually, when you get beyond the biceps, Gökçe's actual story is even more inspiring than his poses. According to CNN, he was born into a mining family in a rural part of Turkey, and worked long hours as a dishwasher in his younger years in hopes of one day running his own restaurant. And through dedication, Salt Bae made Salt Baeby's dreams come true. The reason there were so many videos of Salt Bae ready to go viral in the first place is because the chef often greets, carves, and serves his restaurant's himself, table-side. So if you too want to catch that spark, and possess the necessary professional qualifications, you know what to do.