The documentary series based on James Beard Award-winning book premieres on Netflix this month.

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Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

There’s a common thread running through modern cooking and travel shows. Series like Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Chef’s Table, and Ugly Delicious all seek to showcase the commonalities in food that tie all of the world’s cultures together at a visceral level. And while the upcoming Netflix series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat will attempt to do the same, it does so with two key differences: By highlighting those essential elements while adding another key ingredient, host and James Beard Award-winning author Samin Nosrat.

The four-part series based on the book of the same name takes Nosrat around the globe—to Italy, Japan, Mexico, and the U.S.—to experience the way the shows titular forces play a role in making and cooking what we eat. "I've spent my entire life in pursuit of flavor. I've traveled the world to explore the things that define good cooking," Nosrat says in the voiceover. "No matter where I go, the same elements make food delicious: Salt, fat, acid, and heat. Just four basic elements can make or break a dish. The more I travel and taste the different cuisines of the world, the more I realize that good cooking is universal."

Throughout her travels, Nosrat demonstrates dishes, learns about cheesemaking, explores fish and produce markets, eats insanely spicy tacos, revisits Chez Panisse where she used to be a cook, and shares the screen with experts and curious cooks along the way. Nosrat approaches these lessons and moments with heart and humor, and her exuberance certainly seems to come through on screen. The goal, she says, is to make good cooking approachable to everyone.

Take a look at the official trailer from Netflix below:

The book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat was released in 2017 and became a New York Times Bestseller and garnered Nosrat a James Beard Award. The series Salt, Fat, Acid Heat premieres Thursday, October 11 on Netflix.