Jan 17. Salt Bae. NYC. You.

salt bae
Credit: © Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

If you weren't already aware, today is a good time to finally learn that Salt Bae is more than just a beautiful meme. Especially if you're in New York, where the sodium sweetheart—full name: Nusret Gokce—is about to open his latest restaurant, Nusr-Et. You've seen the moves, but before you sample the salt for yourself, here's everything we know about #SaltBaeNYC so far.

It features tableside carving.

It will come as no shock to hear that Nusr-Et will serve a vast array of large meats, including steaks, and whole racks of lamb and veal. Steaks can be selected by diners from a display, and include less standard cuts like lokum—a thin filet known for its tenderness, which shares its name with Turkish Delight. More importantly, they'll be carved tableside, hopefully with the same flair as the Bae himself.

It began hiring last November

And if its classified ad copy is any indication, those hopes could be met. Last November, a Craigslist post titled "#SaltBae is now hiring for all positions FOH & BOH in NYC," seeking staff for the upcoming restaurant revealed that it was looking for: "talent burning with the desire to flare it up," who would be offered "competitive compensation." (And sorry, but the post has since expired, so you'll have to wait to for the next round to join.)

It's Gokce's eleventh restaurant (and far from his last)

While the 35-year old butcher and chef only achieved internet fame as Salt Bae last year, Gokce has been a majorly successful chef since 2010, when he began his string of steakhouses in Turkey and the Middle East. Once opened, the NYC location will be his eleventh, following the huge success of a recently opened Miami location, and Gokce is currently planning both a second New York location, and a Nusr-Et in London as well.

It's big enough to contain an entire mural of Salt Bae

Located in Midtown Manhattan in the CBS "Black Rock" building, Nusr-Et takes the place of the former China Grill, and will seat 150 diners, with an outdoor area for an additional 80. More importantly, you haven't lived until you've seen Salt Bae posing in front of a mural of himself striking an identical pose.

It's got a variety (of meat, anyway)

In addition to massive carved meats, the restaurant will feature kofta, a giant seasoned ground beef patty enclosing kasseri cheese, which is seared on the grill and served in portions, as well as beef carpaccio, steak tartare, salads, seafood and baklava. The latter of which is, along with Turkish coffee and tea, the only Turkish items on the menu.

It's almost here

While Nusr-Et's grand opening was originally planned for this past Monday, the day has been moved to Thursday, according to Eater—though some diners have already gotten the chance to try.

Nusr-Et is located at 60 West 53rd Street (Sixth Avenue), 212-315-3660, nusret.us.