The pink hue is a hit on Instagram.

By Rebekah Lowin
July 10, 2017
Pinghung Chen / EyeEm / Getty Images

And now, there’s a new food-inspired hair craze sweeping the nation. Or, well, sweeping Instagram, at least. It’s called “salmon sushi hair,” and while we wish we were making this up, there’s hashtag data and photo evidence to prove it. There’s even a semi-official report from Allure.

“The major differences between salmon sushi hair and the food-themed rainbow hair trends that have come before it is the color combo and application,” Allure’s Devon Ableman explains of the new phenomenon. “Starburst hair is more about brushing on pink, orange, and yellow dyes with a melting, ombre-like technique. Pink champagne hair, on the other hand, lacks the addition of yellow dye to the mix. As for tangerine hair, it doesn't have enough pink tones in it.” There was even a craze for a hot second that saw people dying their hair to look like macarons.

On second thought, maybe “salmon sushi hair” isn’t quite as out-there as we thought. Who knew? 

Ableman’s lesson in color theory is super helpful when it comes to describing what the hair color actually looks like. It’s a pink-orange-yellow mixture that ends up looking like a bright rose gold. Honestly, it’s probably more reminiscent of Hello Kitty than sashimi.

But dozens of Instagram posts later, the name’s bound to stick. Colorist Jessica Gonzalez came up with the color after mixing a rose gold dye with pink, orange, and yellow hues. As she told Hello Giggles, "My client wanted a peachy color and she was really tan, so I wanted to make it peachy but with pink undertones, and we came up with the salmon sushi name once we started applying it.”

We won’t knock this one till we try it. For now...real sushi, anyone?