Its name is Sally.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated June 28, 2018
salads chowbotics
Credit: © Kristen Loken

If we’re truly living in a golden age of technology, then our robotic servants need to do more than flip burgers, pop out fresh baguettes and take a shot of booze with us. Don’t robots care about our health? Sally does. She’s the only robot we know of that will make you a nice salad. Take that, pizza-bot.

Developed by food robotics company Chowbotics, Sally the Salad Robot is essentially a vending machine that can be restocked daily with up to twenty-one ingredients to toss into a customizable salad of your choosing. The myriad options can change with the seasons and offer over 1,000 different combinations at any given time and Sally provides calorie counts for the curious/conscientious eater.

sally the salad robot
Credit: © Kristen Loken

No, the device doesn’t have appendages or a face or the appearance of Wall-E chopping up romaine and dicing bell peppers. It’s a box. But it can fit on a table or countertop with a small footprint of about 30 inches by 30 inches. The touchscreen interface allows users to pick and choose the elements they want in their salad without being one of those people who fondles everything at the Whole Foods cold bar with a pair of tongs. And it seems much less likely to have any issues with that stray chickpea ending up in the pickled beets bin like other self-service places. The ingredients are kept in separate canisters for sanitary reasons and to avoid cross-contamination. Apparently Sally can make about 40 salads before needing a refill.

Video: Cucumber Salad With Trout Two Ways at Dinnertable

The Chowbotics team hopes Sally will find a place in cafeterias, restaurants and hotels. As of May 1st, the first Sally will be operating in a Palo Alto café and will try out its first foray into an office environment shortly after.

Hey, if this thing can pump out salads for less than the overpriced chains that are popping up in every business district, it could really take off.