Kitty-shaped burgers and a cotton candy cream puff are also on the menu.
sailor moon cafe
Credit: Courtesy of Sailor Moon Cafe

From Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli to Tupac and Saved by the Bell, the pop-up eatery trend is one of the latest and greatest ways to creatively enjoy our geeky interests.

While the concept of a pop-up eatery implies a very limited (often only one-time) appearance, there are some that are so popular they've become a full-time restaurant or an annual event. The latter certainly holds true for Sailor Moon, which has been featured in anime, manga, as a musical, as a live-action TV series, and now, multiple times in menu form.

The Sailor Moon Cafe, which held a series of limited pop-up engagements last year across Japan, has returned for another season of treating fans to a menu of cute and delectable eats all based on the colors and imagery of their favorite scouts. It follows on the heels of yet another Sailor Moon pop-up restaurant, which appeared in Tokyo in late June of this year as part of an artwork installation.

The menu features plates both sweet and satisfying, from the "Good Friends Luna and Artemis Burger"—a plate of two burgers with buns designed to look like Sailor Moon's feline guides—and the spicy "Tuxedo Mask Jet-Black Curry," which is garnished with rose petals—Tuxedo's signature.

You can also order a meal inspired by each of the Senshi (or scouts), including the "Sailor Jupiter Supreme Thunder Cream Puff," the "Sailor Venus Love Me Chain Waffles," and the "Sailor Mercury Bubble Spray Cheesecake." If you go with your partner, why not try the Silver Millennium Pancakes, which features Sailor Moon's leading couple, Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask) and Usagi (Sailor Moon)?

The drink menu includes a handful of smoothies, like the "Forbidden… Smoothie of Haruka and Michiru," a nod to the relationship between Sailor Uranus and Neptune from the original Japanese series. You can also try the Luna P Cotton Candy Soda (there's actual cotton candy ball made to look like Luna on top!).

The cafe is open from September 22 to October 29 in Tokyo and September 28 to November 5 in Osaka, then September 29 to November 5 in Nagoya, Japan.

Seating is by reservation only and there is a cover charge, but it's not just a ticket in the door. In addition to your meal, you'll receive one of three posters and one of four luncheon mats that feature artwork exclusively for the 2017 Sailor Moon Cafe. More information can be found on the Sailor Moon Cafe website.

The opening is still over a week away, so you still have time to get that plane ticket to ensure your Sailor Moon dreams come true.