The opening will up the ante for caviar service and brunch at Bellagio.
Sadelle's Tower
Credit: Courtesy of Sadelle's

Sadelle’s, the restaurant and bakery that raised the stakes for bagels, sticky buns and smoked salmon in downtown New York, is heading to one of the most rarefied locations on the Las Vegas Strip.

Major Food Group’s Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick plan to open an outpost of the all-day restaurant this December at the elegant Bellagio casino-resort. Sadelle’s will be a place for everything from hand-rolled bagel breakfasts to leisurely lunches with smoked-fish towers and high-roller dinners with caviar service and Roumanian steak.

Sadelle’s, which debuted its New York location in Soho September 2015, is also known for over-the-top brunches with a side of New York swagger. You can expect things to get increasingly over-the-top with bloody marys, seafood salads and much more at weekend brunch in Vegas.

“This is going to be the greatest iteration of an all-day café and brunch experience that Las Vegas has ever seen,” Zalaznick says. “We’re replacing the café concept at Bellagio and upgrading breakfast, lunch and dinner with the soul of Sadelle’s. There are a lot of great options for dinner in Vegas, of course, but there aren’t many for breakfast and lunch.”

Sadelle's Stick Buns
Credit: Courtesy of Sadelle's

This is Las Vegas, so you’ll be able to eat late-night or come by in the early morning for caviar.

“It’s whatever you want, whenever you want,” says Zalaznick, who points out that Sadelle’s already has all-day caviar service in New York. “When you look at Sadelle’s in New York, it’s not far from what you’d find at a great Vegas café. It’s just elevated in every way, from the ingredients to the presentation. Everything we do in New York involves spectacle, and we’ll take it even further in our new Las Vegas home.”

Sadelle’s will be in what’s currently the Café Bellagio space, next to the Bellagio Conservatory. This means there will constantly be foot traffic outside the restaurant because the Conservatory always attracts crowds with its elaborate floral displays and decorations that are updated regularly as seasons change. (The oversized dogs that were at the Conservatory during Chinese New Year were a huge hit. The giant purple bird we saw there last week was photographed at least 10 times while we gazed at it for maybe 90 seconds.)

Sadelle’s will be a big upgrade for Vegas, which has outposts of New York’s Carnegie Deli and L.A.’s Canter’s but nothing offering refined deli classics the way Major Food Group does. Major Food Group already has a smash hit on the Strip with Carbone, which opened at Aria in October 2015 with elevated takes on old-school red-sauce dishes and other Italian-American food. Major Food Group currently has 18 restaurants, including New York’s The Grill, The Pool and The Lobster Club, as well as a Hong Kong outpost of Carbone.