Credit: © LES BREAULT / Alamy

Remember when an Oreo was just an Oreo? Just two chocolate cookies with a creamy center? Well nowadays, we expect more from our cookie brands, and it seems like a new Oreo flavor is rolling off the cookie sandwich assembly line every couple weeks.

Only a few days ago, the world’s most recognizable cookie brand finally released their hotly anticipated Red Velvet Oreos. But before people could even head to the store to hunt down this special Valentine’s Day flavor, word (and more importantly, images) leaked to Twitter showing off another forthcoming flavor: s’mores.

To be fair, s’mores is actually a far more logical Oreo variation than many of the brand’s recent iterations. What is a s’more if not some sort of glorified Oreo to begin with? Or maybe Oreos are some kind of prepackaged version of a s’more—historical records aren’t entirely clear (seriously).

According to the leaked imagery, S’mores Oreos will feature graham-flavored cookies with both chocolate- and marshmallow-flavored crème fillings. As of now, the only news about this new mystery product has come from one source on Twitter. No release date is set, but a similar leak is what got the Red Velvet rumors off the ground, so don’t be surprised if they are on shelves in the near future.

So, will these S’mores Oreos be any better or worse than Red Velvet Oreos or Golden Oreos or Double Stuf Oreos or Triple Double Oreos or Golden Double Stuf Oreos or Lemon Oreos or Chocolate Crème Oreos or Golden Chocolate Crème Oreos or Berry Oreos or Mint Oreos or Triple Double Neapolitan Crème Oreos or Crema de Fresa Oreos or Dulce de Leche Oreos or Strawberry Milkshake Oreos or Heads or Tails Oreos or Ice Cream Rainbow Shure, Bert! Oreos or Birthday Cake Oreos or Golden Birthday Cake Oreos or Banana Split Oreos or Peanut Butter Cup Oreos or Marshmallow Crispy Oreos or Cookie Dough Oreos? I don’t know! I don’t think anyone has ever tried that many Oreos.