Credit: © OREO, Mondelēz International

Back in February, we reported that S’mores Oreos were a real forthcoming product—the latest in Oreo’s ever-expanding line of cookie flavors and limited-edition runs. Now we have a release date: this Friday, May 22. Like you weren’t amped for Memorial Day weekend already!

Our good friends over at TIME even got a tasting preview. “Like most of Oreo’s limited-edition flavors, they’re mostly just really, really sweet,” wrote Samantha Grossman. “But there’s a bit of nuance here: They actually do kind of taste like s’mores. The creme filling offers a good balance of chocolate and marshmallow. The cookie’s flavor is a bit more vague—it’s kind of like a normal vanilla cookie with just a hint of graham cracker, sort of like a Teddy Graham. So we do wish it tasted a bit more like an actual graham cracker, but it’s still tasty.”

If you want to do your own S’mores Oreo tasting, don’t wait too long before hunting down this latest crazy take on the classic cookie. It’s being billed as one of those “limited time” varieties—however long that is. Hopefully, it’s at least as long as the summer. That’s s’mores season, you know.