Reynolds also created a “Ruth Bader Gin-sburg” cocktail in a drinking game with Jimmy Fallon on the ‘Tonight Show.
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

While some celebrity entrepreneurs might try to create an air of expertise around their forays into food, drinks, and retail, Deadpool 2 actor Ryan Reynolds admits he knew nothing about making gin before buying up Portland, Oregon-based distillery Aviation Gin earlier this year. But that doesn’t mean Reynolds isn’t throwing himself fully into the role of brand ambassador and public face of his new venture. Of course, when he’s not meeting with distributors or showing off the spirit at trade shows, Reynolds is acting and spending time with his family. That means that occasionally he has to put up an automatic out of office reply on his Aviation email account. As Reynolds shared with Jimmy Fallon on last night’s Tonight Show, however, he might be taking this business communication courtesy a little too far.

Despite advice to keep his messages short an sweet, Reynolds’ recent stock email reply for Father’s Day included paragraphs of recommendations for when and how to give your dad a bottle of Aviation Gin (as any good salesman should). Watch his read some highlights below:

Ryan then invited viewers to email him directly (yes, he gives out his email address) if they wanted to read his current out of office message specific to his appearance on the Tonight Show:

“Thanks for your email but unfortunately, I am out of the office on official business. I really can’t say more than that. It’s official. It’s business. And that’s that.

I can elaborate a little. I’m in New York.

In the vicinity of 30 Rockefeller Center.

Hint: Somewhere on the 7th floor. In studio 6B. Sitting on a grey chair. Lost in the eyes of Dreamy McDreamboat. That’s right!!! I guessed it. I’m on Jimmy Fallon!

Can you believe it? My “official business” is being on Jimmy Fallon, talking about Aviation Gin. How the hell is this considered business?”

The booze talk didn’t stop there as Reynolds and Fallon later played a gin-infused version of the classic Price is Right game Plinko called "Drinko." The pair were tasked with dropping discs down the Drinko board to randomly select ingredients that they’d have to incorporate into an Aviation Gin cocktail, including blended up Twinkies, bone broth, and grape soda. Check out all of their odd concoctions, including what Reynolds dubbed the “Ruth Bader Gin-sburg” below:

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