The luxury bottle inspired a fictional version on ‘House of Cards.’

denmark vodka theft
A picture taken on January 3, 2018 at the Cafe 33 in Copenhagen, Denmark, shows the empty place left on a shelve after the reported world's most expensive vodka bottle, valued at 1,1 million Euro, was reported stolen.
| Credit: MADS CLAUS RASMUSSEN/Getty Images

A bottle of vodka, made famous by its exorbitant price tag and a Hollywood cameo, has been stolen from a Denmark bar after spending only half a year in the establishment's possession.

Russo-Baltique, a Russian luxury car maker, is responsible for creating the premium bottle of Vodka worth a staggering $1.3 million. Made to appeal to the Russian royalty, tycoons, and wealthy aficionados, the bottle commemorates the 100th anniversary of the company's factory. On loan to Copenhagen's Cafe 33 bar, the bottle is just as precious as the contents. The diamond-encrusted cap is made from white and yellow gold, designed in the shape of a Russian imperial eagle. The front of the bottle features leather pulled from a 1912 Monte Carlo rally car and a replica of the radiator guard used for Russo-Baltique vehicles that’s made from gold coins minted between 1908 and 1912. Meanwhile, the bottle itself was made using three kilograms of silver and three kilograms of gold.

The only one of its kind, the Vodka is so famous that it inspired a $750,000 bottle of fictional rare liquor, enjoyed by leaders and dignitaries from Russia and the U.S. during a Russian drinking ritual in the third season of Netflix's political thriller House of Cards.

According to several reports, Latvia's Dartz Factory, known for producing high-performance armored vehicles, loaned the bottle to the Danish bar, where it has resided for around six months in the local establishment's "vodka museum."

“I am obviously very upset," Brian Ingberg, Cafe 33's owner told TV2 Lorry. "It was the icing on the cake in my collection. Of the 1,200 bottles I have, this was a very special bottle to have there."

Security cameras caught the culprits in action, and the bar's owner believes they acquired a key or made a copy to help them enter the premises. Footage of the theft shows the two masked burglars venturing into the bar's basement, breaking down the door to the collection and snatching the rare bottle. Copenhagen Police confirmed to TV2 Lorry that it is currently investigating the case.

Update January 8, 2017: On Friday, January 5, the Copenhagen police announced the return of the missing bottle, which no longer contained its wheat-based Vodka made with melted snow from the French Alps. It was left intact at a construction site in Charlottenlund, a wealthy Denmark suburb which serves as home to a former royal summer residence. Shortly before they recovered it, Ingberg received a call from a man who stated the thief wanted to return it to the collector. Cafe 33’s owner would not give up the caller’s name, but told the New York Times that he was confident the bottle would make it back to him as he trusted “the god of Vodka.”

“I got the feeling that he felt he was in trouble because of the police and [Dartz’s founder Leonard Yankelovich] in Russia wanting to send people out to look for it,” Ingberg told the NYT.

Yankelovich will be restoring the bottle’s contents, most likely sometime after the Copenhagen police have finished examining it.