By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 13, 2015

Getting stoned and eating pizza is generally thought of as a pretty enjoyable experience. But a bit of computer generated video insanity called “Deep Cheese Dreams” will make even you think twice about combining pot and pizza no matter how bad your munchies are.

The bizarre video was made by taking pizza commercials and running them though Google’s DeepDream software, a type of “artificial neural network” that the web giant uses to sort and categorize images.

Far from being a tech expert, I turn to Popular Science’s Levi Sharpe for an explanation: “Google’s artificial neural networks (ANNs) are used to discern and process the millions of photos scraped by the search giant and organized in Google Images. In the case of the Google Images ANN, Google's developers taught this artificial intelligence hive mind how to recognize certain objects by showing them repeated examples of said object. For example, after seeing a bunch of pictures of starfish, the program would begin to understand that a starfish is typically a shape with five triangular points, and an orange color. The team realized that this same program could be used to also generate images of those things.”

So, for “Deep Cheese Dream,” creator James Hicks decided to give video of pizza the dog treatment, turning previously delicious stringy cheese into the thing of nightmares –dog faces stretched and contorted into an otherworldly mess.

You know technology has gone too far when it can make pizza scary.