The first of a whole slate of new beers from the musical group, ‘Panther Like a Panther’ will be brewed in three different variations.

In recent months, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about rock bands collaborating with breweries on new beers. Some notable musical acts have been the ska punk band Less Than Jake, the Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys, and the skate punk band NOFX. Heck, even some bands that don’t play a subgenre of punk put out beers! (Foo Fighters, anyone?) But now, the rap duo Run The Jewels is back to prove you don’t need to play guitar to keep the hop-heads ringin’. In a much anticipated follow up to the group’s Stay Gold IPA, Killer Mike and El-P have announced they’re dropping Panther Like a Panther later this month.

Similar to how the hip-hop twosome worked on Stay Gold, Run The Jewels collaborated with multiple breweries to make Panther Like a Panther—involving their old Def Jux friend Jesse Ferguson at Brooklyn’s Interboro as well as Chicago’s acclaimed Pipeworks Brewing and Miami’s beloved J. Wakefield Brewing. However, this time out, all three breweries will be brewing completely different versions of Panther Like a Panther. Pipeworks take, set to be released on February 17, will be a porter blended with bourbon barrel-aged beer. Interboro’s version will be a more traditional stout, set to be released a week later. Lastly, J. Wakefield will be brewing a coffee-infused stout, fittingly using beans from the nearby Panther Coffee. Expect that version in April. Meanwhile, one thing all the beers will have in common is great artwork courtesy of RTJ collaborator, Jermaine Rogers, who’s also worked with the likes of David Bowie, The Beastie Boys, and Radiohead.

Fans of both Run The Jewels and craft beer will also be excited to here that these multiple versions of Panther Like a Panther are just the beginning of the rappers’ 2018 beer escapades. The duo announced that they will be releasing “several” beers over the course of the year. Legend Has It Pilsner is planned for April, and Down Double IPA is slated for October. Additionally, in honor of April 20, Run The Jewels has partnered with Berlin's BRLO brewery to create a special CBD-infused version of Legend Has It Pilsner which should be available throughout Europe.

It’s all part of what is shaping up to be an extremely busy year for Run The Jewels. On March 1, they head out on a six-week North American tour with Lorde. You know what to drink at the tailgate.