His pranks are, literally, a smashing success.
ruins instagram food photos
Credit: Hinterhaus Productions / Getty Images

One social media influencer is hilariously ruining attempts at the sacred art of Instagramming your food.

Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, the act of snapping and posting the perfect shot has turned amateur photo takers into passionate photographers. The photo platform and its user community have taken a particular liking to capturing Instagram-worthy food shots, evolving it into not just an art, but a science. It’s become so prevalent on the site that it is now a recognizable and signature part of the Instagram brand, become a job at Netflix, and inspired numerous think pieces about people’s adoration of, confusion about, and outright annoyance with taking photos of your food.

Social media comedian Kevin Freshwater, known for capturing his pranks on people on film, has turned his comedic attention to this very community of dedicated visual food enthusiasts. That includes some of his friends, who unexpectedly had their meals with Freshwater ruined by his quick hands and an eating utensil.

In a recently posted video, Freshwater shows his followers “how to ruin people’s Insta pics,” by carefully shoving a fork or spoon into the middle of their shots. Whether it’s the main course or the desert, each time Freshwater’s perfect timing instantly ruins the hard-earned pic, to the shock and dismay of his victims. Freshwater’s slick slide into their shot is accompanied by an exclamation of “Mush!” before he laughs at their sudden realization that the shot is now gone entirely.

The prank itself is pretty simple and entirely harmless, earning laughs not just from his followers, but from some of his foodie targets as well. Not everyone is laughing though, as several of Freshwater’s friends get visibly upset over him attacking their perfectly presented food. One was so appalled they demanded a new plate, while another offered Freshwater a slightly wide-eyed expletive-laden response.

Luckily, only a few feelings—and the perfect food photo—were harmed in the making of this video.