See a glimpse inside the wine world’s new “alternative reality museum” in South Australia.

rubik's cube building
Credit: Courtesy of d'Arenberg

Back in October, we ran a story about the “d’Arenberg Cube”—a 14-years-in-the-making, AUD$15 million project that can best be described as a five-story tall, Rubik’s cube-inspired, immersive wine experience (and tasting room) that at the time was still being prepped for opening by the d’Arenberg winery in South Australia’s McLaren Vale wine region. If you happened to catch that article, you probably thought, that seems interesting. Then maybe you lodged the idea of a visit in the back of your head just in case you ever happened to be traveling through the sparsely populated Australian state.

Well, good news: Not only has the d’Arenberg Cube finally opened this month, thanks to Glam Adelaide (named after South Australia’s biggest city), the d’Arenberg Cube can come to you! The news website’s YouTube channel has recently added a five-minute video trip inside the crazy Rubik’s-like structure. And what a “trip” it is.

According to creator Chester Osborn, this “cellar door” should actually be anointed an “alternative reality museum”—with tons of wine, of course. Granted, seeing the psychedelic experience unfold on video isn’t quite like being there. A 360-degree theater certainly isn’t as exciting when rebroadcast on a flat screen. And the highly-touted weather-dependent soundscape visitors hear upon entry isn’t included in the clip. Oh, and when watching the video, you have to BYO wine.

Still, as opposed to traveling halfway around the globe, this video tour provides a perfectly serviceable glimpse of things like the amazing views from the top, the wild imagery of the TV screens embedded into the tasting room’s bar, and much of the strange structure’s even more bizarre artwork and furnishings. “There are many different realities inside the building,” Osborn reportedly said at the grand opening. “The board thought I was crazy mad at the time I suggested it, and while it’s been a challenge, we’ve done it.” Thanks to this video, you can (mostly) see what he’s talking about.