Ice cream vans could become a royal wedding tradition.

On May 19, Meghan Markle will live the American dream: having a princess’s wedding held by the utmost tier of the British monarchy. (Be as patriotic as you like, but it sure as hell beats a white picket fence!) And turns out, during the wedding, Prince Harry will also live out every British prince’s dream: living the unassuming and carefree life of an American hipster. Yes, the royal wedding will reportedly have food trucks… or at least ice cream vans (which may actually be an even more nostalgic, hipster option.)

With the wedding date rapidly approaches, many of the details are still under wraps, but one of the more intriguing pieces of news comes from the Express which suggested that the event will feature ice cream vans serving late night food following an after-party to be held at the Frogmore House, a 17th century residence owned by the Crown Estate in Windsor.

Though now a more mature 33-year-old prince, in his younger days, Harry built a bit of a reputation as a wild child—including things like a nudity-filled penthouse hotel party in Las Vegas in 2012. Around this time, Harry may have developed a penchant for late-night grub, including reportedly insisting that his brother, Prince William, offer bacon and sausage sandwiches toward the end of his 2011 wedding party. That event used the late-night arrival of ice cream vans to serve an alternate dessert option, according to the Telegraph.

Apparently, Harry liked those trucks so much, he’s using them for his own wedding. “Prince Harry is planning to use ice cream vans the same way they did,” a source told the Express—though no confirmation was offered on the extent to which pork products would be made available via these or any other van/trucks.

But at this point, these rumors are nothing but speculation anyway—something we’ve seen plenty of since the engagement was announced. For instance, back in February, one pundit even suggest that Meghan Markle might choose to have “a taco truck” available for guests at the after-party. Granted, all this talk of food trucks is certainly on-trend, but isn’t part of the allure of becoming a princess that you don’t have to stand outside in front of a truck to get good tacos anymore?