The Ultimate Royal Wedding Food Guide: Recipes, Reception Details, and Everything You're Hungry to Know

All the delicious details about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day.

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The long-awaited day has finally arrived. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding is the media moment it seems just about everyone has been keeping their eye on since the engagement was announced. Throughout the months leading up to the big day, we've been collecting all of the interesting tidbits, facts, tributes, and traditions we can to help you celebrate or, at the very least, put the whole spectacle in culinary context. Here's everything you could ever hope to know about the food at Harry and Meghan's wedding:

Reception Details

While the actual reception menu is under wraps until the actual day of the ceremony, here's everything we found out about what chef Mark Flanagan has planned.

But who are we kidding? What we really care about is the cake! Here are all the details that surfaced about baker Claire Ptak's lemon and elderflower creation, along with some of her greatest hits.

And the food doesn't stop there. Apparently, a raging afterparty and after-afterparty are planned. One might have food trucks, and word is Prince Harry is planning a tiki-theme.


Speaking of that cake, the day before the wedding Kensington Palace released the actual recipe so you can whip up your own pastry fit for a prince and princess.

Taking a cue from the elderflower flavoring, we rounded up nine recipes, both savory and sweet, you can make with the floral ingredient.

For your viewing party, you may want to consider some of these royally-inspired treats. And if you're like everyone on Pinterest, you've been looking for this one recipe in particular.


When it comes to traditions, Harry and Meghan are actually rule breakers (they're wedding on a Saturday and Markle will walk herself down the aisle). One broken food tradition will be their cake, which bucks the historically prevalent fruitcakes served at royal weddings past. Don't think fruitcake can be beautiful? Check out these bygone royal wedding cakes that prove otherwise.

As for the reception menu, here are the menus British royals have served up for their wedding guests to enjoy.

However, one tradition that won't be broken is the U.K.'s relaxing of pub closing times to accommodate a national celebration.

Giving gifts is, of course, a tried and true wedding tradition. Markle got her first gift a little early: A certain kitchen utensil.

But traditions in the royal family span far wider than wedding days. Find out the tea etiquette Markle likely had to learn to sit down with her future grandmother-in-law, Queen Elisabeth II, for the first time.


If you're looking to ring in the wedding bells across the pond here in the U.S., here are a bunch ways you can celebrate from watch parties, to doughnuts, to a million dollar hotel wedding package.

With any royal union, commemorative items abound and Harry and Meghan's is no exception. First there's a $10,000 bottle of whisky, and a collection of china. Then there's Ample Hills' tribute in ice cream form and even Velveeta's mac and cheese homage, which our own Maria Yagoda had feelings about. Those aren't even the most surprising food tributes—check out the hot dogs, fried chicken buckets, and multi-tiered chips and dip cake, all made in the name of royal love.

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