The show, which features guests including Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr., and Aaron Franklin, launches globally on June 7.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated May 20, 2019
Jon Favreau and Roy Choi
Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Jon Favreau and Roy Choi are at it again. After first working together on the movie Chef (Choi was Favreau’s culinary advisor), the friends are now starring in a new food show on Netflix, The Chef Show. The series, which was announced on May 19 during Netflix’s FYSEE Food Day, touches on how “making a meal is about more than just food”—it’s also an opportunity to learn, celebrate traditions, and to bring people together. In the trailer below, we see the duo make grilled cheese and cook with Gwyneth Paltrow—Favreau discusses how he missed cooking with Choi. In addition to starring in the show, Favreau serves as director and executive producer, while Choi is also an executive producer, along with Annie Johnson.

"I've always wanted a straight up cooking show since I was a child,” Choi said in a statement. “I grew up on Julia Child, Paul Prudhomme, Sara Moulton, and obviously Emeril's first show had a huge impact on my life. There is something timeless and beautiful about cooking straight to camera. The only snafu was, I'm not a natural born entertainer so doing it alone was always out of the question! But then I met Jon and we built such an amazing friendship over the movie, Chef. We both kinda didn't want it to end. And through this friendship I found my cooking soulmate and a child's dream is now a reality. Julia and Jacques meet Jon and Roy!"

In addition to Paltrow, The Chef Show will feature several prominent guests: Bill Burr, Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland (who appears to try his first oyster with Favreau and Choi in the trailer), Kevin Feige, the Russo brothers, Andrew Rea, Evan Kleiman, Jazz Singsanong, Robert Rodriguez, David Chang, and Aaron Franklin. According to Netflix’s announcement, Choi and Favreau will experiment with their favorite recipes and techniques, baking, cooking, collaborating, and more—expect to see them share a meal with the Avengers cast in Atlanta and smoke that legendary Franklin Barbecue brisket with Franklin in Texas. The duo will also travel to Los Angeles to honor food critic Jonathan Gold—watch it all when the show premieres on June 7.

Netflix also announced renewals for Chef’s Table and Somebody Feed Phil during FYSEE Food Day—Chef’s Table now has a confirmed season seven and eight (eight chefs total will be featured between the two), while Somebody Feed Phil will return for season three, giving us 10 more episodes of Phil Rosenthal eating his way around the world. And for fans of Nailed It!, a hilarious baking competition show hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres, season three just dropped on May 17—the challenges include baking Marvel-themed cupcakes and a cake replica of Michelangelo’s David (no pressure).

'The Chef Show' launches globally on Netflix on June 7.