Atlantic City's New 'Carousel' Bar Spins Around While You Sip Your Drink

The revolving bar will offer Jersey Shore-themed cocktails based on boardwalk classics like funnel cake and saltwater taffy.

A rotating bar in Bally's Atlantic City
Photo: Rendering provided by SOSH Architects

Rotating bars and restaurants have a surprisingly storied history. The Roman emperor Nero had a spinning dining room that dated back to the first century A.D. In more modern times, the famed Carousel Bar in New Orleans has been in operation since 1949, while the revolving restaurant atop Seattle's Space Needle which opened in 1962 is believed to be America's first foray into rotating eateries.

Admittedly, rotating bars and restaurants aren't quite as hip as they were decades ago, but apparently the fad never took hold in New Jersey, because Bally's Atlantic City has just announced what they're billing as "the only 360-degree rotating bar" in the state.

As part of the hotel and casino's $100 million renovations, on Memorial Day Weekend, Bally's will unveil its own Carousel Bar (with no apparent relation to the New Orleans one other than the concept). Bally's explains that one of Atlantic City's taglines is "America's Favorite Playground," so the idea of a bar that doubles as a carousel is a play on that phrase while also serving as "a subtle nod to the timeless amusements found along the boardwalk of Atlantic City."

The slightly elevated 24-seat bar promises "360-degree views of the casino and adjacent areas." (Okay, no, it's not the Seattle skyline, but what do you really expect in New Jersey?) And it spins at a subtle rate of about 2.5 rotations per hour, a pace slow enough where drinkers can step on and off as they please.

Finally, to hammer the whole theme home, the bar also serves "modern, craft cocktails with the spirit of Atlantic City flavors at their core such as Saltwater Taffy, Cotton Candy, caramel popcorn, and more" with names like the Merry Go Round, Shore Breeze, Funnel Cake Espresso Martini, and Sea Spray Spritz.

Bally's Atlantic City says that this rotating bar will be open seven days a week adjacent to the casino floor and new hotel lobby. Also, expect to hear "contemporary and upbeat" music... you know, as opposed to "Thunder and Blazes" over and over again.

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