The Instagram hit is back with brand-new rooms, tasting experiences, and photo ops—including a "chandelier swing." 

Rosé Mansion
Credit: Courtesy of Rosé Mansion.

When the Rosé Mansion first arrived in New York City in the summer of 2018, it was an immediate Instagram hit. There was a pool filled with roses, a rainbow scratch-and-sniff wall, and a room filled with plastic bubbles labeled “Champagne Dreams," lit by a disco ball. But not to be categorized as just another pretty food pop-up, the "mansion" also educated visitors about the wine itself. Guests could create personalized blends of rosé in the Blending Lab, learn about historical wine figures from docents, and, of course, drink wine. The mansion was only open from July 12 through October 7, and ultimately sold out; however, the team announced on Tuesday that it’s coming back for round two on June 1, and tickets go on sale April 16.

This year’s mansion is over twice the size of last year's, taking up 32,000 square feet on the second floor of the Manhattan Mall (there will be a private entrance near Penn Station). There will be 14 rooms total, the majority of which are brand-new, according to a spokesperson for the experience. Additions include a vineyard installation, which is exactly what it sounds like—rows of grapevines and a mirror-lined maze, where visitors will find a personalized Govino wine glass waiting for them at the end. There’s also a “Celebration Room” with glitter canons, a giant cake, bright colors, and giant furniture—which sounds like solid Instagram bait, if you ask us. Even Cleopatra makes an appearance, as the ancient Egyptian pharaoh loved Brachetto wine, which guests will be able to try as they sit on thrones.

Guests will also find an expanded RoséLand this year—“part playground, part party space,” according to a statement—and New York’s largest selection of rosé, with bottles and glasses available to purchase. The space has photo booths and “chandelier swings” for the inevitable Instagram post, plus private cabanas, a treehouse and picnic area, and a gift shop. Lest you get hungry, Taco Dumbo can help you soak up the wine with tacos and snacks.

Each ticket grants you access to RoséLand and the Rosé Mansion experience, eight wine tastings, a collectible pin, and the aforementioned Govino wine glass. They go on sale April 16, and will be available to purchase through September 30; priced $35 for Happy Hour (before 5:00 p.m. on weekdays) and $45 for general admission. If you’re interested, you can buy them here—grab them before April 21 to get a $10 discount.