Why No Rosé Emoji? New Petition Wants a Pink Wine Symbol Added to Unicode

White wine failed in its bid for an emoji -- maybe rosé will have better luck?

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Even for the most laid-back among us, all glasses of wine are not the same. You'd have to be pretty chill to order a glass of white wine, get a glass of red wine, and shrug it off like, "Eh, I'm just here to get tipsy." And yet, in the world of emojis, only one wine glass symbol exists -- and as Emojipedia demonstrates, every major platform colors it some shade of red.

So, a few years ago, a movement emerged to get a specific white wine emoji. Major sponsors -- like wine giant Kendall-Jackson -- got involved, pages of documentation were prepared and submitted to the Unicode Technical Committee (UTC), and in the end, the UTC offered up an overwhelming U+1F937 (that's the shrug emoji).

But apparently some out there still think the UTC can be convinced… and not just to add a white wine emoji. In an announcement this week, the Italian wine consortium Consorzio di Tutela del Chiaretto e del Bardolino wants to go even further: They're asking for a pink rosé emoji.

The popular Italian rosé Chiaretto di Bardolino has launched a Change.org petition entitled, "Pink Wine: support the emoji for pink wine." The petition states, "Sharing on social media the pleasure of drinking a glass of pink wine is difficult due to the absence of a rosé wine icon on smartphones and PCs. For this reason, the Consorzio di Tutela del Chiaretto e del Bardolino has submitted to Unicode Consortium, the Californian organization that supervises the rules of computer writing, the request to include the emoticon dedicated to pink wine among those available on devices all over the world." (Keep in mind, this was likely translated from Italian, so forgive the slightly wonky English.)

The Chiaretto Consorzio continues by pointing out that, indeed, beyond a red wine emoji, Unicode also has emojis for two flutes and a bottle of sparkling wine. But then, in trying to explain the lack of a rosé emoji, their argument goes askew, suggesting that it "goes back to the fact rosé has been looked down for decades." Uh, you may want to talk to Kendall-Jackson and the rest of Team White Wine Emoji about that one, guys!

pink wine emoji
Consorzio Chiaretto di Bardolino

Still, any true wine lover probably thinks that both a white wine emoji and a rosé wine emoji deserve a spot on the Unicode table. And the Chiaretto Consortium does offer something the white wine emoji people didn't try: a unique new symbol that isn't just a different colored wine glass. Their pink wine emoji "represents two glasses of pink wine in the act of toasting, crowned by a small pink heart." Charming… if not a bit over-the-top.

If you want to join the now, uh, 726 people who have signed the pink wine emoji petition, head over to Change.org. Tell them a bottle of wine sent you.

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