By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 24, 2015

Dunking Oreos in milk is a time-honored tradition. But we all know kids today have very limited respect for tradition. So Oreo-dunking is getting extreme.

Peter Bamforth, a young YouTuber from the UK, recently decided to prove that trick shots aren’t just for basketballs and footballs and ping-pong and archery and whatever other sports are out there besides probably running. He shows off cookie-dunking skills in ways ranging from the relatively mundane (throwing it across the room) to the impossibly difficult (rolling it off a roof).

The clip has definitely caught the attention of Oreo cookie fans, racking up a couple hundred thousand views in only a few days. Though it probably helps that Bamforth used the world’s most popular cookie. I can’t image Hydrox Trick Shots being anywhere near as popular.