The 'Twilight' actor has a serious craving in this strange short film.
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It’s tough being a super famous celebrity, we assume. Sure, there are the perks, like being incredibly wealthy and getting to maybe share a vape with Leonardo DiCaprio from time to time. However, you’re also constantly followed by the paparazzi and recognized by people everywhere you go. What happens when you just want to get out for a snack and have a walk around town? These are questions Robert Pattinson attempts to answer with his new short film, “Robert Pattinson Desperately Needs a New York City Hot Dog.”

In the new GQ-produced short, Pattinson finds himself a prisoner of his New York City hotel room, as he’s too afraid to leave in fear of being hounded by the press or judged by people on the street. However, his hunger eventually gets the better of him after he spots a man eating a hot dog. “Who is that man? Is that a hot dog? A New York hot dog… the kind that makes you fall in love.”

Pattinson tries to convince himself that he can get by on the salami from the mini-fridge, only to remember that he’s already eaten it. As a last resort, he heads out onto the streets of New York to try to find a hot dog like the one he just spotted. He first attempts to take the subway and hail a cab before relenting and simply ordering an Uber while cowering on the street, “Just use your phone, make it come to you, no confrontation, this was supposed to be easy.”

So where does Pattinson sate his hot dog craving? At one of the city’s oldest and most well-known hot dog haunts, Papaya King in the East Village. But if his journey only leaves you hungry, here are some of our favorite hot dog spots around the country.