This weekend only you might spot a familiar face when you stop for a slice in New York City. 

Serious actor and former vampire Robert Pattinson has taken on a new role: modeling for a pizza box. This weekend only, if you stop by any one of four New York City pizza joints, you might get your slice in a box promoting the DVD release of the heist film Good Time. The boxes are printed with Pattinson’s face, alongside his co-star Benny Safdie (who is also the film’s co-director).

In the movie, Pattinson places a New Yorker named Connie, whose brother, Nick, is in jail following a botched attempt to rob a bank. Over the course of one night, Connie embarks on a journey through New York City, in a bid to free his brother, who has been transferred to Riker’s Island, where Connie fears he will be killed. If he can obtain $10,000, Connie is promised that his brother will walk free. According to Eater New York, one crucial scene in the thriller takes place in a pizza parlor—hence the movie’s tribute to Pattinson on the pizza boxes. The movie, by the way, was a hit: It was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

You’ll be able to find the limited edition boxes at only four places in the city: Prince Street pizza in Soho, Vinnie’s in Williamsburg, Scarr’s Pizza on the Lower East Side, and four locations of Two Boots. The pizza-based promotion is a clever way to memorialize a film all about the back corners of New York City, known only by the people who have spent their lives here, but sadly it seems as though many of these Pattinson-adorned boxes—splotched with grease after making a home for a steaming, melting slice of cheesy pizza—will end up in the trash. The real prize is not the box, but what comes inside it. Although we wouldn’t be surprised to hear about some die-hard Pattinson fan who picked up a slice of pizza just to frame the box.