Robert M. Parker, Jr., editor and publisher of the bimonthly Wine Advocate and contributing editor to F&W, is the world's foremost wine critic. He has been predicting (and influencing) wine trends around the world for over 25 years.

The Parker Report

Tales of a Sumo Taster
On a trip to Japan, Robert M. Parker, Jr., faces a paparazzo frenzy, tries the most promising local bottlings and is blown away by two of the most amazing French meals of his life.

Parker Predicts the Future
12 bold predictions about seismic changes that will influence how we'll shop, what we'll buy and how much we'll pay.

The Parker Report: Australia Now
Offering an extraordinary diversity of wine in every price range, Australia seems to be doing something for everyone. But what wines does Australia do best—and worst?

25 Years in Wine: The Parker Report
Robert M. Parker, Jr., chronicles a global revolution.

Featuring Robert M. Parker, Jr.

The Cellar Confessional
Wine editor Lettie Teague's messy cellar is no cause for alarm, says critic Robert M. Parker, Jr. But all that nonvintage Champagne? Time for an intervention.

Wine Geeks' Dot-Com Dinners
Wine fanatics are using the Web to arrange tastings with other obsessives. Internet addict Lettie Teague investigates the world of the "offline," starting with a lunch invitation from Robert M. Parker, Jr. himself.