By Carey Jones
Updated December 30, 2014
© Grace Dickinson

The only thing better than a sparkling Champagne cocktail on New Year's Eve? A breakfast sandwich capable of vanquishing the eight Champagne cocktails you actually ended up drinking.

While your regularly scheduled Sunday hangover might be content with a corner store egg-and-cheese, New Year's Day calls for something special. So even if eggs, cheese and cocktails for breakfast don't quite fit into your resolutions, cheat a little on Thursday morning with one of these brilliantly designed creations.

The filling: Egg and cheese are the only requirements when it comes to breakfast sandwiches, but we're fans of the chefs who take it a few steps further with smoked meats and creative condiments.

The bread: While a standard roll will do just fine, holiday-worthy sandwiches should get creative with a brioche roll or even a croissant.

Where to get the best:

Eggslut, Los Angeles. Its look-at-me name matches its look-at-me sandwiches, like the justifiably raved-about Fairfax: soft scrambled eggs, chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and Sriracha mayo in a warm brioche bun.

Rural Society, Washington, DC. Recently opened by famed chef Jose Garces, this Argentine steakhouse in Washington, DC features a take on the Medialuna sandwich, with smoked ham, Fontina cheese and a fried egg piled atop a sweet croissant, served with smoky chile Merkén-spiced potatoes.

Eggshop, New York: Any egg sandwich from this downtown specialist is a good bet, but the house classic "Eggshop B.E.C." is particularly enticing: a sunny-side up egg with a broken yolk, Shelburne cheddar cheese from Vermont, Schaller & Weber Black Forest bacon and two knockout condiments: tomato jam and pickled jalapeño.