Rumors ran wild over the weekend, but at least one source says RiRi is definitely not launching her own wine brand.

It seemed like the perfect match: Over the weekend, social media was abuzz with rumors that Rihanna was starting her own wine company. All the evidence was there, and not just the fact that pretty much wherever Rihanna goes, the pop singer can be seen holding a glass of wine (even during breakfast). Said social media fervor also offered up a screengrab of a recent trademark filing for "Fenty Estates Wine and Spirits Company." Fenty, Rihanna's last name, is already the name she uses for her Fenty Beauty line. So Fenty Estates Wine would seem like a logical extension of her brand. Except that, according to at least one source, it isn't actually happening.

After Twitter broke its Fenty wine suspicions, a wide range of sites—from the Metro to MTV—jumped on the news that Rihanna might be launching her own wine brand. But according to the music site Fader, all of these rumors are likely just that… false rumors. "The spirits brand trademark was filed by JGC Global LLC and not Rihanna's Roraj Trade LLC, which owns the trademark on Rihanna's name and Fenty Beauty," Fader writes. "It's likely just another Fenty and not Rihanna who registered the name." As if that's not proof enough, the magazine also spoke to a "source close to Rihanna" who said the rumors were "totally untrue."

Of course, it's not uncommon for a company to say that something is "totally untrue" simply because information leaked too soon or was released in a way that doesn't let the brand control the message. Is it possible that the business end of Fenty Wine would be operating through a different LLC than her other businesses? Sure. Is it also possible that this is a complete coincidence? You bet. But if it is a coincidence, two things are certain. First, the people over at JGC Global LLC need to have an immediate sit down with whoever is handling their patents. And second, the excitement elicited at even the idea that Rihanna might release her own wine should definitely show Rihanna that she should release her own wine. RiRi Red?? This stuff would sell itself!