The Video Archive has teamed up with Adult Swim as part of its second nation-wide "Rickmobile" tour.
rick and morty
Credit: Courtesy of Adult Swim

One Cincinnati bar is getting an interdimensional makeover as part of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty traveling pop-up promotional tour.

Earlier this year the network took the Rickmobile, its Rick-shaped merchandise pop-up, out on the road, bringing fans closer to the cult-turned-maddeningly-popular animated sci-fi sitcom about an off-the-wall, cynical scientist, Rick, and his grandson, Morty. According to the pop-up’s Instagram and website, fans will once again be able to stop by the traveling pop-up and purchase shirts, as well as other show related memorabilia, starting November 16.

Beyond the cool show swag, one of the better parts of the Rickmobile experience is arguably its local partners, including comic shops and gaming venues willing to host the pop-up’s large crowds. Lucky fans who attend one of the fall tour’s two Ohio stops will get a truly immersive experience, as it plans to offer attendees Rick and Morty-themed beverages. Cincinnati’s Video Archive—a venue inspired by the long and colorful career of director Quentin Tarantino—is known for its long list of pop-culture themed events, which now includes the November 18 stop of the Rickmobile tour.

A dual video game store and speakeasy, the front of the venue is a fully functional video store that, when you pull on a specific movie, activates a hidden wall that opens into a bar. The shop’s getting a Rick and Morty makeover as part of the pop-up event, and will have you feeling like you’re in the Thirsty Step (a bar that appears in the season one episode, “Meeseeks and Destroy.”) The Archive bar’s secret door is being turned into the portal Rick uses for interdimensional travel and, when triggered, it will offer special show-themed cocktails, including the tiki cocktail “Get Schwifty” and the tequila and apple cider “Cowboy Morty.”

This isn’t the first time the series has mixed food with fandom. If you are a regular watcher, the show’s name may ring a bell anyways, a result of its many food-inspired tie-ins and fan creations. McDonald’s recently held a Rick & Morty Szechuan Sauce promotion that got so much interest they had to bring it back this winter. A food truck at this year’s New York Comic Con featured free snacks inspired by the show’s characters and someone even created a 3-D printed “Butter Robot” inspired by an invention in the series.

To find out where and when the Rickmobile is coming to you, you can visit the Adult Swim website.