Credit: © Dwight Eschliman / Getty Images

Want to have an existential crisis at the breakfast table? This Rick and Morty-inspired butter robot can help. All this 3-D printed robot does is fetch the butter dish from somewhere on the table and brings it closer to you. So sure, it's not as helpful as if someone had found a way to bring Mr. Meeseeks to life, but the butter robot is way less likely to cause the apocalypse.

For those not completely caught up with the show, the butter-passing robot was introduced in the Rick and Morty episode "Something Ricked This Way Comes." In keeping with the robot's role in the cartoon, if the real life robot asks, "What's my purpose?" and you tell it "Pass the butter", it will. Meanwhile, if when it asks what it's purpose is, you say "You pass butter," the robot will collapse in despair and say, "Oh my god." What a cute little way to question the value of existence!

The creator, YouTube user ESDEV, has posted all the files he used to Thingiverse and has created a tutorial for how to construct this little killjoy. Handy resources, if you know your stuff about robotics and want your own butter dish to be slightly easier to reach. It could be a fun party trick to impress and totally bum out your guests.