Kellogg's is rolling out some new Frosted Flakes flavors too. 

New Kellogg’s Cereal
Credit: Courtesy of Kellogg’s

While some brands are still rolling out their 2018 seasonal items, the breakfast cereal team over at Kellogg’s already has their eye on the 2019 prize. The company has just announced three new cereals slated for release in January representing some interesting new options to two of its best known names: Rice Krispies and Frosted Flakes.

Likely the biggest development of the three for cereal fans will be the introduction of Strawberry Krispies, which Kellogg’s bills as “the first new flavor in more than 10 years from the Rice Krispies line-up.” As a quick recap: Rice Krispies currently come in the original, Cocoa, and Frosted varieties as well as Rice Krispies Treats cereal which is little clumps of Rice Krispies stuck together. Strawberry would seem like a logical continuation from Cocoa, seeing as both chocolate milk and strawberry milk are common sights on store shelves.

The other two additions are happening in the Frosted Flakes world. January will also see the introduction of Honey Nut Frosted Flakes and Banana Crème Frosted Flakes. The former is described as being “made with a blend of real honeys, brown-butter notes and a nutty flavor crafted to perfectly complement the toasted corn flakes fans enjoy.” The latter is said to be “golden, crunchy flakes coated with sweet frosting flavored with ripe banana, cream and vanilla.” Kellogg’s continues with the hard sell stating, “This tasty cereal has toasted corn aromatics delivering a banana cream pie experience in a bowl. Banana Crème Frosted Flakes will be a limited-time offering.”

Currently, Frosted Flakes are only available in original, Cinnamon, and Chocolate form. Honey Nut has obviously proved to be a long-term success story for General Mills’ Cheerios which has been offering the flavor since 1979. As a result, out of the three new cereals Banana Crème Frosted Flakes would seem to be the variety that is most out of left field. That said, if Kellogg’s is able to delivery “a banana cream pie experience in a bowl,” I can’t imagine that many people will be complaining.