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While the food world tries desperately to concoct the next viral mashup (Cheetos Quesadilla, anyone?) there's a good chance longtime friends and YouTube morning show co-hosts Rhett and Link have already tried it. The duo has hosted the daily "Good Mythical Morning" since 2012 and many of their segments involve them creating, consuming, or otherwise employing food to the amusement of over 11 million subscribers. We asked Rhett and Link about their Southern roots and why having fun with food is so entertaining to watch.

FWx: You've made a number episodes based on your "Will it" series like "Will it Burrito?" or "Will it Deep Fry?" and other taste tests around food. Why do you think food works so well on YouTube?

R&L: People interact with food at least 3 times a day, so if we can show them something they've never seen before (Like a deep-fried lemon) or taste something they would never dare try themselves (like a crayon ice cream sandwich), they perk up.

What is your most favorite and least favorite thing you've consumed for Good Mythical Morning?

We conducted a Southern BBQ taste test - and we were convinced we were in a dream-state. And even though we've consumed cod sperm dumplings, fishhead fondue and pig brain pizza, it's the whole Carolina Reaper peppers that remain our biggest nightmare.

Are there any weird foods or drinks you've been introduced to on GMM that you crave now?

Skittle milk. We thought we invented it spontaneously in our Will It Cereal? episode, but then we got tweets that it's actually sold places!

How would you compare your knowledge of food and drink before starting GMM and now that you've made over 1,000 episodes and experienced so many different items and concoctions?

We wouldn't say we're food experts, but we just might be experts at getting food you hate down. It involves our proprietary techniques of donkey-lipping and chipmunking.

What's the oddest thing you've done with food besides consuming it?

I gave Rhett an amazing Peanut Butter hairstyle.

Your new series Buddy System is now streaming in YouTube Red. What can fans of your morning show and music videos expect to see?

Buddy System has most every element from our previous work rolled in to a scripted series: a music video within each episode, some ridiculous commercials, and a slew of absurd conversations and surreal elements.

You both have engineering backgrounds, does that inform how you look at food (perhaps as a medium to work/play with)?

In our Foodinary (that's Pictionary with food instead of drawings) episode, I (Link) depicted Dolly Parton using only an asparagus stalk, some pasta, and two peach halves - but I don't think I used my degree for that. And I (Rhett) illustrated a wedgie with just a whole peach and some suggestive hand motions.

You two are both from the South, but now reside in Southern California. What's different about food where you grew up versus the West Coast. What do you miss?

We miss mushy, greasy vegetables where every last iota of nutritional value has been replaced with tastiness. My nana makes collards that taste like bacon.

In addition to our interview, Rhett and Link also aggreed to stop by our studio to ring in the New Year with a round of the Champagne-inspired "Will it Tower?" which somehow included eating cereal with a stalk of celery. Just watch...

Rhett & Link's "Good Mythical Morning" returns to YouTube January 16th.

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