This limited release carrier is being sold for just one day.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 18, 2019

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest advertising days of the year. You knew that. People love to talk about the exorbitant cost of Super Bowl ads: This year, it’s about $5 million for a 30-second ad. But in part because of those high prices, plenty of companies look for alternative ways to market their name other than a 30-second spot that half the country will miss while they’re taking a whiz. For instance, earlier in the week, Skittles mocked the ephemeral and expensive nature of Super Bowl commercials by announcing that they’d be putting on an entire Broadway musical instead. (Well played, Skittles.) Now today, we're finding out that Reynolds Wrap is taking a less innovative but equally unconventional approach to Super Bowl-related advertising: The aluminum foil purveyors will be selling a Baby Bjorn-like device for your Super Bowl snacks.

Credit: Courtesy of Reynolds Wrap

The Reynolds Wrap Hunger Harness is billed as a “one-of-a-kind wearable snack pack [with] everything you need to go all four quarters plus the Halftime Show without taking a break.” Features include (and why paraphrase when I can just let Reynolds give you the hard sell) a “main thermal pouch to help keep sandwiches melty, wings piping, and you stationary,” an “integrated food tray that turns you into a human table — life goal accomplished,” a “thermal drink holder for hands-free storage of your current beverage,” an “insulated dip holder to keep the most important game day snack warm and fresh (because room temperature buffalo chicken dip is a sin),” and finally “adjustable silver straps that make this the new, food-forward look for the winter season.”

Credit: Courtesy of Reynolds Wrap

To be fair to early innovators in the wearable Super Bowl snack world, we’ve seen similar promotional devices from other companies before. Last year, dip brand Heluva Good had their No Fumble Fanny Pack and Tyson Chicken had a watch-like sauce-holder called the Wing-Mate Wristband. (I vaguely recall others, but this is a topic I will only allow myself to research so far.)

That said, those Super Bowl accessories were in the past. This is the present, and Reynolds Wrap says they will be selling these Hunger Harnesses today only. To score one, go to The brand says they’ll be releasing them in very limited quantities in waves throughout the day at the bargain price of just $4.99 — or the same price as a roll of Reynolds Wrap. Now that’s what I call marketing synergy!