By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 18, 2015
Yes, this too can become an ice cream sandwich.
| Credit: © Coolhaus

A Reuben sandwich is a perfectly common deli order. And an ice cream sandwich is a typical summer treat. And if you can’t tell where this is going, you didn’t even read the title!

Ice cream sandwich innovators Coolhaus announced plans to introduce Jewish deli–themed ice cream and cookie flavors later this month.

Some of the offerings are straightforward enough, including two deli dessert classics: the Black & White cookie and the “Hamentash,” a take on the traditional jelly-centered hamentashen cookie. The third cookie is where things get a bit crazy: a “Marbled Rye” cookie coated with rye and caraway seeds.

The ice cream flavors are the real head-turners, though: Potato Latke & Apples Sauce, Cream Cheese & Rye and Pastrami – a flavor created with Coolhaus-made caramelized pastrami. Obviously, combining that third cookie with the third ice cream flavor creates the Reuben ice cream sandwich of every little Bar Mitzvah boy’s dreams.

Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case said these new flavors are more than just a gimmick. “I had most of the team in disbelief that these flavors wouldn't just cause intrigue, but actually be good,” she told Today. “I mean, cream cheese and rye, latke ... pastrami ice cream!? But when we all tasted them, they worked.”

Bad news for those looking to try these crazy ice cream sandwiches, though: Coolhaus, which has limited locations to begin with, will only be offering up the unique flavors in their Culver City and Pasadena locations in Southern California.