The brain freezes are coming.
7-eleven bring your own cup day
Credit: HKPNC / Getty Images

Though the Slurpee – 7-Eleven’s signature frozen slushy drink – might not be a staple of most adult diets, it’s hard to deny that few promotions unleash a level of inner-child excitement like the convenience store chain’s annual “Bring Your Own Cup” Day – a chance for customers to fill up nearly any liquid holding vessel for one low price.

This year, BYOC Day (as 7-Eleven shortens it) is actually two days – Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20 – giving you double the time to scour your house for the most insane Slurpee container you can find. “Bring us your jars, your pails, your ladles and punchbowls yearning to be filled with your favorite Slurpee drink,” the store said announcing what it calls the kick off to the 2017 Slurpee season.

However, though 7-Eleven does have a pretty loose definition of the word “cup,” customers are required to follow a few rules: The cup must be food-safe and clean, must be watertight, and must fit upright through a 10-inch hole. (A “BYO Cup Day in-store standee” will be provided to verify that last stipulation, hopefully preventing any inevitable arguments.) Finally, only one cup is allowed per person.

Assuming your vessel fits the bill, participating stores will let you fill it up between the hours of 11am until 7pm on the dates in question for just $1.50. Any flavor is allowed – even the limited-time cinnamon-flavored Pepsi Fire Slurpee. If that doesn’t scream 2017, I don’t know what does.

And of course, part of the fun of Bring Your Own Cup Day is seeing the ridiculous “cups” other people dream up, so 7-Eleven is suggesting customers use the hashtag “#BYOCupDay” on social media to show off their wares and add REALLYSLURPEE on Snapchat. As we showed last year, previous “cups” that landed on Instagram included an insane array of items: water jugs, coffee pots, gas canisters, popcorn buckets, cheese ball containers, Brita tanks, bongs, dog bowls, even a toilet.

The only limitation is your imagination! And that 10-inch hole.