Chef David Gingrass updated his 1970s Napa bungalow combining retro colors (burnt orange) and textures (shag) with modern style and hyperfunctional equipment.


When David Gingrass modernized the kitchen in his Napa Valley bungalow, the chef and owner of the new Two restaurant in San Francisco wasn't looking to obliterate the original '70s decor. He tore out a wall to open up the kitchen but maintained the brown palette. The cabinets, for instance, are a rich chocolate wenge wood (he added translucent resin-coated linen panels to brighten the feel). He also installed a Miele hood over the stove that's low enough for him to use as a shelf for small kitchen tools. Gingrass's new kitchen turned out to be a great place for him to develop recipes for Two, like a spicy soup with a poached egg. Two, 22 Hawthorne St.; 415-777-9779.


The three stacked Viking ovens include a combo one that mixes convection heat and steam to bake potatoes in 20 minutes. It works "like a hair dryer on steroids," David Gingrass says. DETAILS From $1,175 for combo oven with trim; 888-845-4641.

Backsplash Gingrass designed the orange glass mosaic—with help from Bisazza—to echo the color of the island. DETAILS From $35 per sq ft; 800-247-2992.


Miele's 40-inch rectangular hood, which is installed over a Miele cooktop, doubles as a shelf for kitchen tools like spatulas, ladles and whisks. DETAILS $3,599 for hood; $1,699 for cooktop; 800-843-7231.


"Put a wineglass on a granite countertop too hard and it shatters," says Gingrass, explaining why he prefers stainless steel—it's more forgiving than granite, and it's also durable and easy to clean. DETAILS American Metal Products, 415-822-4100.


The African-harvested zebra-wood flooring has a retro-feeling finish. It extends from the kitchen to the dining room and is used on the walls as updated 1970s wood paneling. DETAILS From $14.65 per sq ft; 877-769-5747 or Internet Lumber.

Dining Room Table

The custom-built, nine-and-a-half-foot table is made of black-walnut slabs with natural bark edges; the pieces fit together with a center maple panel. DETAILS Ralph King Furniture and Cabinetry, 415-822-5847.

Chairs and Stools

Gingrass chose dark-brown leather for both the Crate & Barrel "Folio" kitchen stools (they match the cabinets) and the B&B Italia dining-room chairs. The more luxe chairs have comfortable spring cushions; the stools are sturdier, making them better for everyday use. DETAILS From $299 for Crate & Barrel stools; 800-967-6696 or Crate & Barrel. From $1,384 for B&B Italia chairs; 800-872-1697.

Light Fixtures

"I was looking for something textural," says Gingrass of his search for light fixtures. He liked these shaggy cylindrical ones (made from dried coconut) so much that he also installed them at Two. DETAILS $1,190 from Ochre; 212-414-4332.