paris by the book
Restaurant critic Daniel Young captures the real flavor of a Paris café (50 of them, actually, each profiled and accompanied by recipes) in his aptly named Paris Café Cookbook ($24; William Morrow).

beach boy
Chef Gary Robins will be re-creating the Asian-French dishes that won him fame in Manhattan, at Wish restaurant in the newly renovated Tiffany Hotel, opening in Miami Beach, Florida. For info, call 305-531-2222.

culinary circus
A typical date in Seattle might be dinner and the circus. That's because the performing troupe Teatro Zinzanni arrives, proffering music, big-top acts and five-course meals conceived by ex-Fullers chef Monique Barbeau. For info, call 206-281-7788, Ext.700.

marketing in mexico
Some of the best food in Mexico, along with beautiful crafts, art and jewelry, can be found in the Oaxaca markets. Happily, they're the next destination for Zapotec Tours (November 13-20). For info, call 800-44-OAXACA.

high spirits
No Bloody Mary made from the sterling silver travel set by English silversmith Theo Fennell could be less than perfect. A Tabasco holder and spoon are thoughtfully included ($2,600 at Bergdorf Goodman; 800-218-4918).

slow motion
For those tired of food that's fast and mass, Slow Food provides a welcome alternative. Its latest culinary festival, Salone del Gusto, to be held in Turin, Italy, November 5-9, calls for the (leisurely and learned) consumption of great food and drink. Call 800-273-2637.