For the Lafite of Foot
The athlete and the sybarite can be found in a single person at the annual Médoc Marathon held on September 5 in Bordeaux. The 26.2-mile route through the region's most famous vineyards requires extensive eating and drinking by the runners. For more info, call 202-659-7779.

Traveling Companion
The travel newsletter English Spoken Here helps would-be wayfarers find little-known places without worrying about the language. The next issue features day trips from Venice (800-451-5294).

Much is notable about Nova Scotia this summer--starting with the speed with which it can be reached, thanks to a new ferry that travels from Bar Harbor, Maine, to Yarmouth in 2 1/2 hours. There's also La Ferme d'Acadie, a first-rate new cheesemaker in Yarmouth, as well as Hedley House, a recently renovated landmark Victorian hotel north of Yarmouth.

Applauding Adam
The work of restaurant designer Adam D. Tihany (Le Cirque 2000, Spago) has garnered many accolades. His latest projects, 160 Blue in Chicago, Louis's in Charleston and the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, should inspire diners anew.

nest of the west
Francophiles of San Francisco have saved a lot of money in airfare since Nest opened a few months ago. Styled to resemble a Victorian-era Parisian boutique, Nest is stocked with artisanal dishes, glassware, linens and bibelots from France (2300 Fillmore St.; 415-292-6199).