The New South
Marvin Woods, chef at the upcoming Soyka in Las Olas, Florida, is known for updating Southern food. Now he's put his coriander corn bread and other ideas into The New Low-Country Cooking ($25; MorrowCookbooks).

Hoboken Heat
Sinatra, barbecue sauce joins the list of great exports from Hoboken, New Jersey. Chef Edmund McCarthy of Hoboken Eddie's is pouring his superlative sauces and marinades into these cool, hip flask-style bottles ($7 for 12.7 ounces; 201-653-8080).

Perfect Pare
KitchenAid goes unplugged with a line of cutlery, its first nonelectric kitchen equipment. We especially like the high-carbon stainless-steel paring knife ($50; 800-541-6390).

Food on the Fly
Big-name chefs are changing airport restaurants from way stations to destinations. Todd English is planning a clone of his Figs for New York's LaGuardia; George Chen, will open Restaurant Qi at San Francisco's new International Terminal.

Fusion may be fizzling, but inventive Asianfood still gets us excited. The kitchen at Seattle's Monsoon serves new-wave Vietnamese, like crispy lemongrass tofu; Sushi Ran in Sausalito, California, gets high marks for its tiny fried crabs; Yanÿu, in Washington, D.C., makes fantastic lily-bulb dumplings.

By Monica F. Forrestall