Adventurous eaters only. 

Stuffed Dormouse restaurant menu
Credit: Barcroft Media / Contributor / Getty Images 

Meat lovers be advised: The Stuffed Dormouse in Carleon, Wales is offering customers practically a zoo of exotic animals on their menu.

Curious diners can try zebra, llama, horse, crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo, or wild boar (which they claim comes from local suppliers) steaks or skewers, as well pick their own dinner from the live lobster tank.

In case that line-up didn’t catch your attention, here's one more wrinkle the restaurant has come up with: Roulette Skewers. Diners choose four meats and let the chef decide which meats he’ll deliver.

There’s one more option, called the King Skewer, for those of us with big appetites, that features samples of every single exotic meat on the menu.

Since you can go online before hand and check out which meats The Stuffed Dormouse offers, it’s not too much of a risk—or a mystery—so perhaps the biggest thrill will just be to guess which delicacies the chef chose for you.

One reviewer from Wales Online, who decided to try out the Roulette Skewer, reported that each type of meat tasted like steak but with “slightly different textures and tastes.”

Spoiler alert: The kangaroo turned out to be the stringiest and tasted similar to liver, while the llama was chewiest. Turns out, boar was the juiciest of the four on the skewer.

The restaurant offers some tamer options too, like bison, lamb, beef steak, and burgers, so don’t feel pressured to dive into the world of exotic meats if you’re planning on taking a visit soon.

Seems like a long trip to take for just a plain old steak though—unless of course that steak is made from a crocodile.