By Aly Walansky
Updated February 16, 2016
© Thomas Larsen / Getty Images

Should patrons of a restaurant be penalized for taking up space without ordering a meal? One restaurant in Zurich says yes and is charging these customers a fee if they decline to order an entrée.

Neumarkt, a Zurich-based restaurant, is now charging 10 Swiss Francs (roughly $10.23 US) as a fee to any customer who is in the restaurant, but doesn’t order an entrée. “We are confronted with a growing number of people who spend all night without eating anything,” owner René Zimmermann told The Local. He said it’s also an issue during the day when he’ll have customers at a table, “sipping their tea all afternoon.”

We’ve all had times we visit a restaurant for a quick app or dessert, but there are also those who sit, loitering in a restaurant for hours on end and clogging up the wifi, only ordering a coffee or a beer. It’s understandable that a restaurant may want to discourage this and make room for those who are eating (and paying for) a full meal.

With the number and variety of restaurant surcharges growing of late, from those that were charging an “Obamacare” surcharge, to one NYC restaurant's vague 2 percent added charge for “operational costs,” your restaurant check looks like it may be getting extra expensive, but without any actual extras to show for it!