Get out the tissues.

By Rebekah Lowin
April 28, 2017
Courtesy of Ridofranz / Getty Images

Okay, so restaurant proposals aren't the most original way to do pop the question. But now that the simple, sincere, down-on-one-knee rituals of decades past have been pushed aside in favor of highly-publicized, over-the-top spectacles...we miss them. A lot. And anyway, when the restaurant in question is that quiet, local pizza spot where you first shared a slice, well, isn't that way more magical than a skywritten message and forty dancing Rockettes?

Yes. It is.

Below, we've rounded up our all-time favorite videos of good, old-fashioned restaurant proposals (and, admittedly, some more theatrical ones). Prepare to cry at your desk, consider re-downloading your dating apps for the twelfth time, or simply fall in love with love again.

1. A surprise in the bread basket

We can't get over how sweet and simple this is. Justin surprised Madison with a note in their bread basket before getting down on one knee, and meanwhile, her brother was secretly filming the whole thing. Oh, and both of their families were hiding in the restaurant, ready to appear after he popped the question. How perfect is that?

2. Not your everyday restaurant proposal

There are low-key restaurant proposals, and then there are "SURPRISE! All the other diners are flash-mob singer, and the clumsy waiter is me in disguise, and now I'm going to ask you to marry me" proposals. This one, um, falls in the latter category.

3. A musical affair

Back in 2012, Jordan Craig proposed to his girlfriend of four-and-a-half years with a little bit of singing. The surprise went down at their very favorite restaurant with tons of family and friends around—and he gave her a ring made from the diamonds her dad gave to her mom 30 years ago. 

4. An original song, a music video, and more

This YouTube video is titled "He Loved Her Since They Were 10. This Is How He Proposed," so you just know it's gonna be good. But our overachieving groom-to-be surprises us all with the addition of a staged "music video" and an original song. 

5. A soldier's homecoming leads to a proposal

A soldier returns home, surprises his girlfriend, and proposes—almost off-camera. It's not the highest-quality video, but honestly, we could watch it over and over. Pass the tissues, please.

6. "The" proposal

Yes, there are tables and candles and food and yes, the establishment this proposal takes place in technically a restaurant, but we're not even sure this one can be counted as part of the genre. Honestly, forget taking the crown for best restaurant proposal; this one miiiight be the most epic proposal of all time. Just watch and see for yourself.