A Swedish restaurant is making a meal for your pooch that goes far beyond table scraps.

By Gillie Houston
Updated May 24, 2017
© Getty Images/RooM RF

If you're one to feed your four-legged friend under the dinner table, one restaurant's new marketing plan will probably appeal to you. Avenyfamiljen, a Swedish restaurant in the western city of Gotehburg is making a meal for your pooch that goes far beyond table scraps, paired with a pooch-friendly imitation beer.

"For a couple years we've allowed dogs into our restaurants—the next step was to offer water bowls, and now we also offer a special dog menu," restaurant owner Tobias Hamberg tells AFP. Avenyfamiljen and its additional two chain locations are hoping to lure in pet-loving diners with a culinary offer that takes dog treats to a whole new level. The meals, which the restaurant buys pre-made from a company in Stockholm, will cost 50 kroner ($6) a piece, and are almost guaranteed to earn the buyer plenty of puppy love. Doggy diners have their pick between cod or organic beef, and soon the menu will include a non-alcoholic dog "beer" made with beef stock.

"Most dogs prefer the beef, and they usually take their meals on the floor near to the feet of their owners," Hamberg says—lest you pictured pups with their paws up on the table, sopping up their plate by your side.

The restaurateur's ultimate goal is "to attract a new kind of guest—ones who can't leave their dogs for more than an hour at home," which sounds like the exact kind of people who would also shell out a few extra bucks for their dog's happiness. "We always need to find new ways to make competitive offers for our customers," Hamberg says. "At the moment we just allow dogs. But who knows—in the future we might build restaurants just for animals." No word yet on how cats, fish, gerbils, or the like will fit into this furry future business venture.