This Restaurant Just Dethroned In-N-Out as America's Favorite Burger Joint

The results come from an annual poll.

Five Guys is the top burger joint

In the realm of burger joints, there are generally two places where people swear their loyalty: Either Five Guys or In-N-Out.

In-N-Out, based in California, with its iconic white wrappers adorned with red palm trees, has long been a fan favorite, but the free peanuts at Five Guys are no less distinctive.

Still, for the past two years, In-N-Out has triumphed as America's favorite fast food burger joint – until now.

In the 2017 Restaurant Brands of the Year Harris Poll, Americans voted Five Guys as their number one pick, with In-N-Out trailing behind in second place. Shake Shack came in third, while McDonald's nabbed the lowly number seven spot. Participants in the survey rate choices based on familiarity, quality and purchase consideration. McDonald's did score highest in familiarity, but its other two scores were on the low end, resulting in its poor standing in the rankings.

The Harris Poll is conducted between December 20 and February 21, and surveys more than 100,000 U.S. consumers, ages 15 and over. The poll revealed even more interesting information about American's eating habits: Thanks to millennial voters, Starbucks just barely edged out Dunkin Donuts – the winner for the past three years – as their number one Coffee & Quick Service Restaurant (poeple do love their Frappuccinos), while Subway, for the seventh year in a row, was voted the best sandwich shop.

On the more surprising side, Papa John's is now thePizza Chain Brand of the Year, dethroning Pizza Hut.

Plenty of people probably strongly disagree with these choices, but sadly you'll just have to wait until next year's poll to cast your vote for your favorite fast food spot in America.

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