By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 28, 2016
Credit: © Betsie Van Der Meer / Getty Images

Redheads of the world have, at times had a tough go. After an episode of South Park more than a decade ago declared that gingers had no souls, non-redheads began “celebrating” Kick a Ginger Day, where people with red hair were actually attacked. In response, a group began promoting Hug a Ginger Day on Facebook. And while a Facebook group is a nice, symbolic gesture, a new restaurant owner is going to give those who labor under brightly colored manes a more tangible expression of love: discounted food.

Ginger’s Grill, which will open in April, is going to be “a cross between a Nandos (a British fast casual chicken spot that specializes in South African food) and a KFC. And according to owner Mark Linaker, it will offer a 20 percent discount to anyone with naturally occurring red hair. How the restaurant will verify that a customer isn’t an impostor ginger is not clear, although, if you’re drastically altering your appearance to get 20 percent off fast food chicken, we can all agree that you probably deserve the discount anyway.

“I feel that gingers deserve a break. As one of my friends said to me, gingers have been getting the stick for a long time now, so it is time they got something back,” he told the Mirror. Linaker, now bald, said he’s familiar with the plight of the ginger as he used to have red hair himself until he shaved his head after he started going bald.

The big question of course is: What will the food actually taste like? If the food is greasy and unappealing, this discount could be just slap in the face for the world’s downtrodden redheads.