Francis Schott and Mark Pascal, who are known on the airwaves (and podcasts) as “The Restautarant Guys,” stopped by yesterday to say hello—and do a little venting. The duo, who also own one of New Jersey’s most renowned restaurants, Stage Left, and its upstairs sister restaurant, Catherine Lombardi, say they aren’t getting the props they deserve as prescient restaurateurs: “That story on banning bottled water in the Times killed me,” Schott said. “We figured that out a long time ago.” A look through the archives of their excellent talk-radio show confirms this. (Full disclosure: Several F&W editors, myself included, are occasional guests on the show. But don’t let that dissuade you.) The Opie and Anthony of food radio regularly cover topics (locavorism, sustainable seafood) months before they enter the collective foodie consciousness. Their next fancy: Gin from Austrian distiller Hans Reisetbauer, who makes a line of pristine, cult eaux-de-vie. For now, the gin is only available at Schott and Pascal’s New Brunswick restaurants, but they’ve convinced wine importer Michael Skurnik to add it to his portfolio. Look for it everywhere—in a few months.