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At Zauo in Tokyo, Japan, customers have the option to truly earn their meal: The restaurant lets interested parties catch their own fish.

Armed with fishing poles and nets, customers can catch mackerel, flounder and sea bream out of well-stocked tanks. To help encourage people to have a go, Zauo even offers a discount to anyone who proves a successful angler. Not that catching a fish is that difficult. In fact, for safety reasons, the restaurant asks people to fish as politely as possible. “We ask our patrons not to wave the fishing rods around,” manager Junichi Yoshida told CBS News. “Just use a gentle dipping motion to snag the fish.” All in all, the whole thing is about as close as you can come to literally shooting fish in a barrel.

Once you make your catch, you don’t even have to wait to have it cooked. The CBS reporter who stopped in at Zauo had the chef turn his flounder into sashimi.

Find yourself jealous that Japan always seems to get the crazy stuff America lacks? Don’t worry. The restaurant says they plan to open a location in New York next. It certainly sounds more appealing than fishing for your dinner in the East River.